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2022 | Krugerrand
The 2022 Krugerrand coin range bears the same iconic design first seen on the Krugerrand 55 years ago, in 1967, when the concept of a legal tender gold coin linked to the daily gold price was introduced in South Africa.

The effigy of Paul Kruger, the first President of the Zuid Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR) is depicted on the obverse. The reverse was originally designed and engraved by the famous sculptor, Coert Steynberg, and features one of South Africa’s national animals, a Springbok.

2022 Krugerrand Prestige Set
Krugerrand Prestige Set

The prestige coin set is an exclusive opportunity to embrace the legacy of the Krugerrand coins in all its current fractions. This set consists of the 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz, 1/20oz and 1/50oz proof Krugerrand coins. 

Limited edition: 600

2022 Krugerrand Fractional 5 Coin Set
2019 Krugerrand Fractional 5 Coin Set

This 5-coin set consists of the 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz, 1/20oz and 1/50oz proof Krugerrand coins. 

Limited edition: 500

2022 Krugerrand Fractional 4 Coin Set
2021 Krugerrand Fractional 4 Coin Set

This 4-coin set includes the 1/4oz, 1/10oz, 1/20oz and 1/50oz proof 22ct gold Krugerrand coins. 

Limited Edition: 100

2oz Gold Proof Krugerrand
2oz Gold Proof Krugerrand

The 2oz gold proof Krugerrand has firmly claimed its place in the Krugerrand family since its launch in 2018. 

Diameter: 40.00mm
Mass: 67.86g
Limited Edition: 400

2oz Fine-Silver Proof Krugerrand
2oz Fine-Silver Proof Krugerrand

First introduced in 2020, the 2oz fine-silver coin returns due to its astounding popularity in its debut year. 

Diameter: 50.00mm
Mass: 62.238g
Limited Edition: 10 000

1oz Gold Proof Krugerrand
1oz Gold Proof Krugerrand

This is the classic size of this principal member of the Krugerrand family that has been central to the Krugerrand collection for over 50 years, and stands as testament to the legacy of craftsmanship expected by collectors all over the world. 

Diameter: 32.69mm
Mass: 33.930g
Limited Edition: 1 000

1oz Fine-Silver Proof Krugerrand
1oz Fine-Silver Proof Krugerrand

The 1oz silver proof Krugerrand continues to offer collectors an opportunity to own a piece of the iconic Krugerrand legacy on a low budget. 

Diameter: 38.725mm
Mass: 31.107g
Limited Edition: 20 000

1/2oz Gold Proof Krugerrand

The 1/2oz is one of the first three coins which laid the foundation for all subsequent fractional editions in the early efforts towards making the Krugerrand even more accessible in 1980. 

Diameter: 27mm
Mass: 16.965g
Limited Edition: 500

1/4oz Gold Proof Krugerrand

The 1/4oz was one of the first fractional coins to be introduced to the range in 1980. 

Diameter: 22mm
Mass: 8.482g
Limited Edition: 2 000

1/10oz Gold Proof Krugerrand

The 1/10oz was the smallest gold Krugerrand coin until the introduction of the 1/20oz and 1/50oz in the jubilee year of the Krugerrand, in 2017. 

Diameter: 16.50mm
Mass: 3.393g
Limited Edition: 1 000

1/20oz Gold Proof Krugerrand

A popular addition to the Krugerrand family, in 2017, 1/20oz is now only available as part of the prestige set as well as the 4-coin fractional set. 

Diameter: 12.0mm
Mass: 1.697g
Limited Edition: N/A as a single coin

1/50oz Gold Proof Krugerrand

The artistry and craftsmanship with which the Krugerrand is made is amplified on this 1/50oz coin, which carries the same intricate details of the bigger Krugerrand coins on its tiny surface. The 1/50oz coin is only available as part of the prestige or the 5-coin fractional set. 

Diameter: 8.00mm
Mass: 0.679g
Limited Edition: N/A as a single coin

Common Obverses
The common obverse design features President Paul Kruger, modelled by die-engraver Otto Schultz and struck from the original die used in 1892 for the historic Kruger half-crown coin.

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