“The South African Mint Company is one of the
foremost preservers of South Africa’s heritage.
The mint is more than 120 years old. We can
therefore proudly pronounce that we stand on
the shoulders of many phenomenal master
craftsmen that came before us. We pride ourselves
with the iconic coins that we have produced for
this country over those years. Many of those coins
have been recognised around the world many times
through various awards made to us by our peers and
admirers. This pride is embodied in our mission
statement that says, “We create timeless value and
preserve heritage through master crafted coins”.

Our coins are ambassadors of South Africa and its heritage, globally. Thousands of our coins leave our shores each year acquired by people who will treasure them for many years in their collections.

The stories on our coins are for all South Africans and each one of us can find something that resonates with us in them. In creating our coins, we tell stories about our country that makes us the envy of the world. These stories are always uniquely South African, yet they resonate universally around the world.

At the South African Mint we place a premium on the development of our people to ensure that all employees reach high levels of mastery, in keeping with our history. Whilst minting is an age old craft, at the South African Mint, we have entered the modern era whereby we produce coins and blanks using advanced manufacturing facilities equipped with the latest high tech machinery. This has enabled us to become a supplier not only of South African coins, but also to many international clients. The South African Mint is one of the top preferred manufacturers of coins and coin blanks in the world.

By their unique nature, stories told on coins will outlive all of us, just like the rock art of the bush men. That means coins provide a very special vehicle for preserving our stories and our heritage for generations to come. That is why we say at the South African Mint, that we create “Timeless Value”.

Tumi Tsehlo
Managing Director

South African Mint Company (RF) (Pty) Ltd