The South African Mint is one of the world’s leading mints and over the years has earned a worldwide reputation for its customer service, exceptional craftsmanship and the high standard of its quality coins. The Circulation Coin division manufactures legal tender coins that are used in our everyday transactions, as well as coin blanks which are sold to other mints for final minting.  Over and above producing all South African circulation coins, the company also produces circulation coins and coin blanks for the international export market that are used as currency in numerous countries in Africa.

S.E. Asia, Europe and South America. The South African Mint offers central banks and other mints a one stop service that includes coin designing, creation of master dies, manufacturing of production dies, manufacturing of coin blanks, minting of coins, as well as partial deliveries of the finished products to the customers’ vaults. The company’s state of the art manufacturing facility located at Centurion, Pretoria ensures that it is able to meet various customer requirements and specifications. Some of the circulation coin metal alloys produced by the company include copper, bronze, and nickel electroplated products, as well as products made from stainless steel and various copper based alloy compositions of copper, nickel, aluminium, zinc, tin, and other metals. Our major focus area is to ensure a credible and sustainable supply of good quality circulation coin & coin blank products, delivered on time in the most cost effective manner for our clients