The South African Mint, with over 140 years of manufacturing experience, boasts a impressive list of international clients and is able to create a tailor-made package of products and services to fulfill the specific requirements of each customer.

The South African Mint incorporates the following processes into the manufacturing of its products and services:

  • Development of a new coin or coin series
  • Manufacturing of dies and master punches
  • Casting of a range of copper based alloys and slitting of mild steel coils used as sub strait (core) of electroplated  products
  • Precision rolling of alloy and steel strip
  • High-speed blanking, rimming and edge-marking of coin blanks
  • Various electroplating processes for coin blanks
  • Annealing and polishing of coin blanks
  • High-speed minting of coins
  • Various packaging options and distribution of coin blanks and coins
  • Total quality control in all aspects within the coin industry and throughout all manufacturing processes
  • Technical advice in all spheres, from inception of coin design to final product.