Numismatics is defined as the study or collection of coins, tokens, paper money and related objects such as medals.

Whether a serious numismatist, or casual collector, coin collecting is the most rewarding of pursuits. One of the oldest pastime passions in the world, coin collecting was once considered the “hobby of kings”. For the modern enthusiast, coin collecting offers many benefits with a wide variety of products to cater to a range of preferences.

Whether your interests are thematic, or piqued more by the metallurgy or denominational relationships of certain coin series, for example, the South African Mint product offering appeals to any collector’s tastes.

We view our coins numismatic range as global ambassadors of South Africa and its heritage. In creating our coins, we tell stories about our country, our people and our legacy – these stories are always uniquely South African, yet they resonate universally around the world.