April News

At a time when our collective goal is to stay safe and healthy, we would like to reiterate a few important notes, and offer you answers to questions you might have during these uncertain times. We would also love to help you keep the little ones busy while you do your part to help curb the spread of the Coronavirus by staying at home.

When is a R5 worth more than R5? The answer is a big resounding NEVER!

The South African Mint, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB), produces large quantities of legal tender circulation coins for the public at face value. From time to time, commemorative circulation coins are also issued as part of the Reserve Banks’ currency production function. These coins are issued to commemorate a person or an event that has had a significant impact on society such as the commemorative R5 and R2 circulation coins issued in 2019 to commemorate 25 years of South Africa’s constitutional democracy, or the R5 Nelson Mandela circulation coin issued in 2008 to celebrate the former president’s 90th birthday.

These commemorative circulation coins are ‘normal’ circulation coins that form part of all the other coins already in circulation, and they all, whether ‘normal’ or commemorative, are only worth their face value.

Remember if you receive a coin as change, it is a circulation coin despite what is depicted on it, and is only worth its face value – a R5 is only worth R5 and a R2 is only worth R2.

Click here to see some of South Africa’s commemorative circulation coins

A note about product prices
Do you have questions for us during this lockdown?

In light of the growing COVID-19 pandemic and the national lockdown announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa, the South African Mint retail shop has been closed, and museum tours cancelled until further notice.

We understand that you might have questions about the accessibility and operations of the Mint during this time, so we have compiled the following FAQs to keep you informed and allay any concerns you might have:

Q: Is South African Mint retail store, Coin World, open during lockdown?
A: No, Coin World is closed until the lockdown is lifted.

Q: Can I book a museum tour for when the lockdown is lifted?
A: Not at the moment. We will communicate in due time when we will commence the museum tours.

Q: I am interested in one of the coins on the website, how can I order?
A:You are welcome to place an order or make an enquiry online, however the price will only be confirmed when we reopen due to the current commodity and exchange rate volatility.

Q: I placed an order before the lockdown was announced, will I still get my products?
A: Yes. All orders which were not delivered before the lockdown will be dispensed once it is lifted, subject to availability.

Q: Can I place an online order to be couriered to me?
A: The Mint is currently closed and unable to process any orders. All the prices on our website are rendered obsolete and invalid due the current commodity and exchange rate volatility. We will re-opening and able to assist you with a new pricing structure on the 4th of May.

Fun for the kids

The Archosauria – crocodiles, pterosaurs, dinosaurs and birds – or the ruling reptiles, were magnificent beasts which ruled over the land and sky for 180 million years.

In 2018, the South African Mint issued the first ‘Rise of the dinosaurs – Archosauria’ themed coins in gold, followed by a single silver coin every year since.

We also created a fun colouring book for in celebration of this theme – download below and provide hours of fun and learning for the children during this lockdown period