A Change of Identity for the South African Mint

The South African Mint revealed a new corporate identity at the 45th World Money Fair in Berlin, which just took place from 5th – 7th February 2016. The mint industry and visitors at the fair were treated to a first-hand experience of the new identity as the award-winning coin manufacturer and the country’s producer of currency Africa unveiled for the first time, its new look.

According to Tumi Tsehlo, the Managing Director of the South African Mint, “We look forward to sharing our new identity with coin collectors and our business partners from across the world. We believe that our new logo and corporate identity embody the essence of who we are and what we do. To numismatics, our products embody the beauty and rich heritage of South Africa and Africa. Our bullion is of impeccable quality and known the world over, while to the currency industry we are a trusted supplier and partner, helping each client attain its currency needs and preserve the integrity of the currency product”.

“The rebranding of our identity is an outward declaration of who we are internally. We are a first-class mint an enviable track record in coin minting and huge growth aspirations. We want the industry and the public to see this new look as a reclaiming of our rightful place in the global mint industry,” he continues.

Like the attention to detail and creativity that goes into the conceptualisation and production of its coins, the design of the South African Mint’s new logo and corporate identity involved a stringent development process to ensure that key criteria were met. Among these were to denote the organisation’s South African origin and its identity as a premium coin manufacturer. The new logo also had to convey a sense of gravitas and officialdom as well as serve as an attestation of attributes ranging from artistic integrity to technical excellence. In addition, given the timelessness of the South African Mint’s products, it was essential that the identity remain stylistically relevant in future and also scalable.