Centurion, South Africa – 13 July 2018: The South African Mint Company (RF) Proprietary Limited (South African Mint), a subsidiary of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) will pay a glittering tribute to the formidable legacy of Nelson Mandela, South Africa’s first democratically elected President in form of a coin struck of 1 oz, 24ct pure gold.

The collectable gold coin, along with the R5 commemorative circulation coin being issued by the SARB today completes the coin series announced earlier this year to mark Mandela’s birth centenary year. The Mint launched collectable coins in silver & bronze alloy earlier in the year, to kick off the global centenary celebrations.

The 2018 Mandela Centenary issue is part of the ‘Celebrating South Africa’ thematic series, focusing on symbols of freedom, democracy and culture. The inaugural coin in the series commemorated a century of Oliver Reginald Tambo, anti-apartheid crusader and freedom stalwart, in 2017.

Featured on the 2018 range is the centenary of the birth of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Born on 18 July 1918, Mandela was a key figure in the talks to end apartheid in South Africa. A decade after the end of his Presidency, the United Nations declared July 18 as ‘Nelson Mandela International Day’ in recognition of his contribution to the culture of peace, freedom and social justice which he continued to champion after serving one term as President.

Tumi Tsehlo, MD, South African Mint says, “Mandela’s grit, grace and patience have been faithfully recreated on the commemorative series. As a young lawyer to a spirited revolutionary and later as the father of the nation, his accomplishments have global significance and richly deserved a coin tribute that can be handed down from generation to generation.”

Each coin in the range is designed to illustrate the seasons in Mandela’s life, portraying him at different ages. The new 1oz gold coin depicts Mandela as an elderly global icon of liberation. The reverse features the words “The Nelson Mandela Centenary” and the dates ‘18 July 1918 to 18 July 2018’ with the denomination and hallmark. The obverse of the R500 gold coin features the words ‘South Africa’ with the South African coat of arms and the year of issue.

The bronze alloy coin with a face value of R50 features Mandela as a young lawyer while the sterling-silver R50 coin bears a portrait of an older Nelson Mandela, as a statesman and first democratically-elected president of South Africa. Only 100 individual gold coins, 10 000 individual silver coins and 50 000 individual bronze coins will be issued by The South African Mint

In addition to these collectable coins, the SARB will issue a commemorative R5 circulation coin which depicts the image of a smiling Nelson specially chosen to compliment the last two R5 circulation coins issued in 2000 after Nelson Mandela’s presidential term and in 2008 following his 90th birthday. The reverse also depicts the denomination ‘5 RAND’, the words ‘Nelson Mandela Centenary’, the years ‘1918’ and ‘2018’, together with the image. The abbreviation ‘SARB’ is also micro lettered on the lower side. The obverse of the proof R5 circulation coin features the national coat of arms, the year ‘2018’ (the year in which the coin will be issued), and the words ‘South Africa’ (English) and ‘Aforika Borwa’ (Setswana).

“Despite being faced with isolation, Mandela remained resolute in his faith and against discrimination. He fought hard for a democratic South Africa where everyone was treated equally and given equal opportunities. It is a privilege to honour Mandela’s extraordinary life and this tribute is befitting the milestone,” adds Tsehlo.

“The Mandela series is a beautiful addition for any collector or for anyone intrigued by South African history. No gift is more valuable than freedom, and this coin will remind us all of the compassion and generosity with which Mandela lived his life.”

The commemorative coins can be bought individually and are also available in three different set variations: a four-coin set, a three-coin set and a one-coin launch set. The four-coin set is comprised of all the collectable coins in the range: the R500 gold, R50 silver, R50 bronze and R5 commemorative circulation coins. Only 200 four-coin sets will be made available.

The three-coin set consists of the sterling-silver R50 proof coin, the base-metal R50 coin and the proof version of the circulation R5 coin. Only 500 of the three-coin sets will be produced.

The proof version of the R5 coin is a collectable coin featuring the same design as the circulation coin launched today by the SARB.

The final, and most exclusive addition to the three-set offering, is the single-coin gold launch set, comprised of the R500 1 oz pure-gold coin featuring a “100” privy mark, and a sterling-silver medallion.

The obverse of the medallion features the official logo of the Nelson Mandela Centenary as well as the individual number of the set. On the reverse side is the logo of the South African Mint with the hallmark and a quote from Mr. Mandela’s autobiography, ‘The Long walk to Freedom’, which reads: “The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” Only 100 of these launch sets are available.

The Mandela Centenary coin range can be purchased from the South African Mint’s retail store in Centurion, Elegance Jewellers in Melrose Arch and at pop up stores in malls around South Africa. Details of the pop-up stores can be found on our website.

NB: The SARB issues commemorative circulation coins as part of its production of currency and these are issued to commemorate an event that is relevant to society at large. Limited edition collectable versions of these circulation coins (including uncirculated sets of circulation coins etc.) are issued by the South African Mint in limited quantities, and sold at a premium. Such limited edition collectors’ coins are of a pristine quality, with a high-gloss finish and usually packaged in capsules and accompanied by relevant certificates to prove their authenticity. Whilst the price you pay is set by the South African Mint, the market value of collectable commemorative circulation coins is set by the collectors’ market and neither the SARB nor the South African Mint cannot speculate on this value.

It is important to note that the value of a regular, non-collectable, commemorative circulation coin which is not proof quality nor encapsulated, is that which is depicted on the coin. A R5 circulation coin is thus only worth R5, a R2 is only worth R2 and so on. The public is urged to make use of all commemorative currency coins as they would, any other currency coin as these commemorative coins do not hold any intrinsic value, other than that depicted on the face of the coin.