South African Mint Unveils SA25 Campaign Logo

The South African Mint, a wholly owned subsidiary of the South African Reserve Bank today announced a new campaign to commemorate the 25th anniversary of South Africa’s constitutional democracy. On the occasion, the Mint unveiled the campaign logo and marks its official start to the celebration which will see the introduction of several new commemorative circulation and collectable coins.

South Africans will be able to participate in the campaign on digital platforms, to help raise awareness around some of the many rights and freedoms espoused by the constitution.

The logo is made up of the letters S, A, and 2, mounted on a doodle-filled 5, to make up “SA25”. The doodles in the number five are words and images related to the various rights depicted on the new coins.

The logo was designed to create a visual identity for the new range of coins and makes the packaging and campaign instantly recognisable. A new website dedicated to the SA25 commemorative circulation and collectable coin range and activities supporting the campaign will also been launched. The campaign will also have a dedicated presence on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Details to follow.

“The logo is bold and energetic and better captures and expresses the dynamism of the most progressive constitution in the world,” says Tumi Tsehlo, SA Mint Managing Director.

The SARB and SA Mint will officially unveil the coins in June this year at the Constitutional Court.