Welcome to our new Managing Director.

Honey Mamabolo joined the Mint family on 3 February 2020 from Thebe Unico, a division of the pioneering black-owned company Thebe Investment Corporation where she was the CEO. She holds a degree in Chemical Engineering as well as post graduate qualifications in Financial Management, Strategy Planning, Change Management and many others.

Her background as an engineer as well as her accolades and experience in developing and maintaining relationships with strategic suppliers and clients, will definitely assist us in taking the company forward.

We wish her the very best as she takes up this new challenge.

New range revealed

We recently announced the 2020 range of uniquely crafted masterpieces on metal at the World Money Fair in Berlin, Germany on 31 January to 2 February 2020.

Every year, we mark memorable events and anniversaries that capture the nations by striking these stories onto coins and, the 2020 product line-up is no different.

The Fair provided the perfect platform through which to launch new our new product offerings such as the Big 5 Rhino coins, as well as the new 2oz silver Krugerrand, and the well-received South African Inventions. The Colour Coins also feature yet another one of South Africa’s beautiful biospheres this year, and the Natura silver makes its third appearance since its launch in 2018.

Following our Krause Publications’ Coin of the Year (COTY) Award in the Best Contemporary Event category in Berlin last year, we would like to congratulate the Italian Mint who received this prestigious Award during the 2020 World Money Fair for their 5 Euro, silver coin with colour.

We had won this prize for the 2017 R2 coin depicting the world’s first successful human-to-human heart transplant.

Visit our website to see some of the 2020 products already available for purchase

Celebrate the African Rhinoceros

Taking centre stage at the World Money Fair was the latest instalment of the incredibly successful Big 5 series, which features the Rhinoceros.

Rhinos are easily recognised by their prehistoric features such as armour-like bodies and the horns on their foreheads and rank among the most endangered species on earth because of poaching. The Big Five umbrella includes both the black and the white Rhinos.

The Big 5 Rhino coin series consists of a fine-silver brilliant uncirculated coin, a fine silver proof quality coin, as well as a 24ct 1oz gold coin and a 1oz fine platinum coin. Also included are two combination sets in silver and gold.

We have also partnered with the Wildlife Conservation Trust (WCT) during 2020 to support its work. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the Big 5 Rhino coins go towards protecting the fast decimating populations of rhinos.

The WCT facilitates projects that focus on conservation, rehabilitation, research and the protection of wildlife; as well as education and training programmes relating to wildlife conservation and the environment.

Click here to see the 2020 Big 5: Rhino range

Coming up

Look out for the upcoming South African Invention featured on the 2020 Crown & Tickey

We will be participating in the MEA Cash Cycle Seminar on 24-26 February 2020 In Muscat, Oman