Celebrate Africa Day and protect our heritage

It is with the same spirit of unity that we should celebrate Africa Day on 25 May, as we reflect on the progress that Africa has made while also reflecting upon the common challenges that the continent faces in a global environment.

The South African Mint’s collectable coins provide a unique way to preserve African heritage and pride. It is thus very important to carefully store these priced possessions for future generations. We’d like to give you a few tips on how and where you can store your collections to keep their beauty and value pristine.

Collectable coin storage

If you would still like to display your collection but feel that the boxes they come in do not make this easy, you can place them in a coin album, preferably still in their capsules. This works better for lower-priced items such as bronze alloy and silver products but not gold or platinum.

Store your coins in a dry, climate-controlled environment. Avoid storage in humid conditions as these may affect your collections even in their various packaging.

Sharp changes in temperature and moisture levels can cause discoloration on your coins.

You can place your smaller purchases (in their original packaging) in a safe hidden away in your house, but if your collection has a steep price tag, a safe-deposit box might be a better option. These are offered both locally and internationally, by various banks, private firms and specialised vault storage facilities.

The anatomy of a coin

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has bound the entire family to the confines of the home, the kids’ normal weekday routines have gone and parents find themselves having to look for new sources of entertainment for their little ones. We’ve put together a fun word search game that allows them to learn about a coin’s components.

Click Here to download the word search.