The Lost Hoard, a rare combination of modern and vintage sets from the South African Mint

Centurion, South Africa, 1 December 2021: Earlier this year, South African Mint, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) showcased to the public, coin collectors and numismatists; the Lost Hoard, a novel set of contemporary and classic coins. Only 910 of these collectable are available in the world, with each set comprised of an incredibly rare Kruger ponde, its history dating back to the early days of the gold rush in South Africa with a more contemporary Krugerrand.

These prized pieces of South African numismatic history are highly valuable, with a full ponde retailing for almost a quarter of a million rands. A limited number of these original, certified and graded coins are available for purchase, along with a 2019 limited-edition privy-mark Krugerrand.

The rarity of the Kruger ponde stems from their incredible story of discovery. They were located in a vault in Switzerland and are rumoured to have been moved there from Netherlands for safekeeping before the Second World War broke out. How the coins made it over 10,000kms to the Netherlands is part of South African folklore and adds to the allure of the discovery. The coins were acquired by the South African Mint at an auction.

“The limited-edition Lost Hoard is truly exceptional in terms of its artistry, rarity and value,” says Honey Mamabolo, managing director, South African Mint.

“The set is prized for its unique combination of old and new never before seen on the market by investors and collectors. It is a real privilege for us to showcase this incredible treasure. The Lost Hoard besides being extremely valuable is also a window to history. With its past intertwined with the legend of the Kruger Millions, the ponde, is the closest brush with history for collectors.”

While it is true that gold was evacuated from Pretoria by the then Transvaal Government during the Second Anglo-Boer War (1899–1902), no accurate account has ever been produced of its fate, spawning an urban legend of the ‘Kruger Millions’. The fascination with the missing gold thus makes the discovery of a large parcel of the gold Kruger ponde a significant find, capturing the imagination of all South Africans, investors and collectors.

Outside of the 233 half ponds and 677 ponds, no other coins of this era are believed to remain in existence today.

From the South African Mint, the coins are available for purchase in two sets. The first set is made up of an 1893–1900 Lost Hoard Kruger half-pond with a 2019 1/10 oz gold privy-mark proof Krugerrand. The second set consists of an 1893–1900 Lost Hoard Kruger full pond and a 2019 ¼ oz gold privy-mark proof Krugerrand. The grading determines the price of each coin; hence it is difficult to provide an accurate cost for each coin. Based on grading, each coin can cost anywhere between R14 500 to R250 000.

“The Lost Hoard raises the bar on the concept of ‘unique collectable’, once again highlighting South African Mint’s ability to produce coins that exemplify craftsmanship and are coveted. This is a unique opportunity to acquire the most authentic remnants of the Transvaal gold together with the contemporary Krugerrand, one of the world’s biggest brands in gold coins also minted by the South African Mint,” says Mamabolo.

“We should all be excited that these pieces of our history are back on our shores after more than 125 years of absence. The Kruger ponde which were issued as circulation coins by the Transvaal Government will endure as important symbols of our heritage.”

The coins are available only at the South African Mint’s retail store, Coin World, and can also be ordered electronically and over the phone. The store can be contacted on: and +27 (0)12 677 2460/2482.