Commemorating Significant National Days Through Coins

Whether commemorating a significant anniversary such as Independence Day, a monarch’s birthday, or another significant national day or person; we have the capability to help mark this special occasion on bespoke coinage.


We issue this, our second quarterly newsletter in a week when our neighbours Botswana and Lesotho celebrate their independence days (30 September and 04 October respectively). Within a few years in the late 1950s and early 1960s, just under half of the countries on the African continent gained independence. In the month of October, we wish Guinea and Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Uganda and Zambia a happy independence day.

To celebrate a significant anniversary such as Independence Day, a monarch’s birthday, or another significant national day, there is no better way to get the nation talking, than a commemorative circulation coin.

Commemorative coins are minted to celebrate special occasions and individuals of national importance, as we have shown with our own 2019 SA25 coin range celebrating 25 years of South Africa’s democracy, or the 2018 Nelson Mandela centenary coins.

Resuming Operations

While we are now relieved that the risk-adjusted strategy in South Africa has shifted the country to level 1 of the national lockdown, and the economy is opening up, we cannot ignore that the spread of the pandemic and subsequent impact on our operations have caused unanticipated delays beyond our control, and inhibited our ability to deliver fully to our customers.

With the further easing of restrictions, we now look forward to our staggered return to operations, and the effective fulfilment of our planned recovery measures.

We remain fully committed to the delivery of services to you, our valued customers and appreciate your patience and support as we respond to this global issue and adapt to the new norm.

We Look Forward To Seeing You Again

We have not seen many of you in a long time. We look forward to the resumption of ‘normal’ business activity in 2021 and seeing you in your respective country, as soon as the current travel restrictions are lifted.

Christine Roux
GM Sales and Marketing
Raj Lalla
Sales & Business Development Manager
Thabisa Sibara
Export Sales Coordinator